We are able to impact and reach thousands by the generous support and donations of people who believe the same thing we do. That everyone deserves clean, running water. These are the stories of impacted lives all across Kenya.

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Clean Water in Swari

Clean Water in Swari

Swari is a small village in the remote corner of Samburu land in northern Kenya. Samburus are the “northern cousins” of the famous Masai tribe and known as fierce warriors and pastoralists who don’t shy away from defending their cattle even from lions. Like most of northern Kenya, Swari is very arid.

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Paul Njamba

Paul Njamba

At Water for the World, he is simply known as “001”. Staff refer to Paul Njamba as “001” because he was the very first employee at Water for the World when the organization started its operations in Kenya in 2008. Paul’s kind spirit and tall stature…

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